The Haifa Economic Corporation was established in 1972 as a civic corporation under full ownership of the Haifa Municipality. The Corporation acts as the city's entrepreneurial and operational arm in the development of large-scale projects. The Corporation has gained nearly five decades of experience in the formation of economic, business and commercial anchors that serve as a platform for the creation of jobs, trade, culture, sports and leisure opportunities. The Haifa Economic Corporation encourages strategic collaborations with some of the most important private and public companies with great success. The Corporation's business activities’ structure aims at creating long-term economic projects that have a social, commercial and environmental impact.
The Corporation has a number of subsidiaries in a variety of activities:
MATAM: Business park development and management for world-leading high-tech companies, located in the southern entrance of Haifa. Spanning an area of nearly 240,000 m2 of productive commercial areas.
Haifa Life Sciences Park Company: Developing and establishing a park for biotechnological and life sciences companies. Covering an area of 31,000 m2 in Haifa's south most entrance.
The Haifa International Stadium Company Ltd.: Development and construction of the international Sami Ofer Stadium. 30,000 seats covered by a roof. Classified by the highest FIFA standards and provides the best viewing experience in Israel.
hiCenter Company: runs a technological center which promotes acceleration programs for Haifa's startups, including benefits and incentives for developing innovative ideas, technologies and products.

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