Business Development and Technological Ecosystem

Along with the Haifa Municipality, the Haifa Economic Corporation initiated and led the establishment of the Haifa ecosystem, attracting the attention of Haifa's academic and medical institutions, international high-tech companies, entrepreneurs and start-up companies. The Corporation integrates and promotes Haifa's enterprises, aiming to advance activities that propel the city's economic status and strengthen its special ecosystem. Over the past decade, the Corporation has been promoting a technological incubator through its subsidiary hiCenter, for the development, management and support of Haifa based startup companies. At the same time, along with the University of Haifa's commercial company Carmel, and the Technion's DRIVE accelerator, the Corporation has been investing in startups operating in academic incubators to establish their activities in Haifa.

The Haifa Economic Corporation held a number of activities to strengthen the business community in the city when the Covid pandemic struck. The flagship program aims to restart Haifa's trade activities by assisting small businesses through the CASHBACK project in collaboration with the Haifa 2030 Administration and credit companies, providing refunds on purchases from Haifa businesses. The Corporation also runs the "Gradation" program for the professional development of people over 50, and also initiates collaborative conferences and more.